Early adopters no longer use email for internal communication


20 years ago, the corporate world shifted from fax to email. Today we stand before a new paradigm shift as email is being replaced by messaging.

Many early adopters, such as tech start-ups, have already made the transition and eradicated internal email use in the process. However, the remaining 99.9% of the corporate world has yet to make the transition. They need a messaging solution that works also for large organizations and can be administrated and controlled in a simple and scalable way.

Briteback provides a messaging solution that can be setup to work for any type of organizational structure, so that each employee gets exactly the right information. Nothing more and nothing less. Briteback also integrates email, so that the remaining external emails can be discussed and treated as messaging. We also provide self-hosting, for organizations that don’t want their messaging data to be stored in the cloud.

The global transition from email to messaging will take time, and our challenge is to reach the right customer segments at the right time.

Join us on this fun but challenging journey, supported by the East Sweden Evolution project. In our next update you’ll learn more about our progress so far.

Stay tuned!

PS. For more information on Briteback and how we can help your organization make the transition from email to messaging, check out: https://briteback.com

You can also contact me on johan.aberg@briteback.com. (Yes, email will still remain the de-facto standard for external communication for the foreseeable future.)

Written by Johan Åberg at Briteback


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