Putting East Sweden on the Global Cloud


Rockan Data Center is one of the most secure locations in the world to store your companies’ data at. This as it is constructed in a former Swedish Military facility in the bedrock and can withstand a direct nuclear hit! Now we want to make good use of these characteristics and now we want to reach out to the world with these strong sales propositions (USP).

What we provide is a mix of traditional colocation, meaning hosting servers owned by a company, company dedicated cloud service and enabling an outsourcing of entire IT departments when it comes to hardware.

Companies these days have a tremendous amount of data generated and the investments needed to scale up for this are vast. In order to allow those companies to focus on their core activities they can rely on us to gradually scale up according to their needs.

Our data center is also very environmental friendly as we use the natural cooling effect of the mountain to avoid additional cooling. This makes that our rates are very favorable and competitive with the rest of the world.

The challenges we are facing is how we get our message out into the world where competition is fierce in the Nordics plus the rest of the world. Here we have found great help so far by joining the EastSwedenEvolution initiative and how to find our specific USP. Next steps will be interesting to see if the direction we are aiming for is the right one or if we have missed any low hanging fruits in the process.

Overall it has been a good learning to see and collaborate with so many talented companies and people in the group. We hope our entire group will benefit as much of all this as we have done so far!

Looking forward to more inspirational discussions!

Written by: Frederick Vyncke at Rockan


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