Going to Web Summit? Here are our advices!


We had the chance to profile our company at Web summit 2016 in Lisbon.  First of all, it’s a behemoth of an event with 50 000 visitors and exhibitors.  Lots of buzz happening on all kinds of areas, be it Fintech, Travel, Entertainment, you name it.  Everything was happening there.  We took the opportunity at the same time to team up with Business Sweden and get even more exposure.  This included that we have a stand for one of the days under the umbrella of Swedish Hotspot.  They had a great location next to one of the main passageways so we had the opportunity to discuss a lot with startups.

From our aspect we did not get that much attention, as we are not in the field of creating an app or solution rather being the backbone of it.  Took some convincing to people so they understood that if they wanted a cloud solution, it is still powered by a data center.  All in all some good discussions and reflections resulted out of this.  Next year we are interested in participating again and now we know how to approach it better.  We would gladly share our in depth experience with future participants to Slush so feel free to reach out to me!

Some advice for future participants based on our experience

  • People are really open to talk at Web Summit and easy to approach so get to networking.
  • Take note of the most interesting startups and check for competitors, what is their best practice?
  • There is a lot of side activities ongoing organized by Websummit and other companies in Lisbon so explore the city and meet future collaborative partners or investors!

Written by Frederick Vyncke at Rockan


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