Invitation to – The future of telecommunication

Invitation to – The future of telecommunication

We are hereby inviting you to a press conference about the future of telecommunication. Briteback is joining a partnership with iCentrex to revolutionize the corporate phoning industry. At the press conference we will tell you more about how, and what this means to the region.

Participants are among others

  • Björn Palm, CEO iCentrex
  • Pontus Lindblom, business director at Norrköpings kommun.

Where: Hospitalsgatan 8 (3 fl), Norrköping
When:  Friday june 9th, 10am

What about Brexit?

What about Brexit?

Brexit and my company – what do I need to think about?

May 31

On March 29th Britains prime minister announced that article 50 in the treaty to Lisbon will be activated and their exit from the European Union is starting. The nearest (at least) two years will therefore have measures of uncertainty and a lot of questions with very few answers. Great Britain is for Sweden not only important politicly but is also one of our large trade partners. For swedish companies Brexit may bring lack of clarity, bureaucracy, increased costs and a change in competition. Is it therefore important for companies to start looking into possible consequences and bring out strategies for handling a future situation.
Take the chance to listen, ask questions, discuss with our experts who share their analyses, conclusions and experiences.


  • ”Brexit – our analyses of potential implications for trade”
    Anneli Wengelin, in charge of, toll- and tradeprocedures, Board of trade
  • ”Great Britains possibilities and business culture”
    Fredrik Häggström, secretary of trade, Business Sweden, London
  • Discussion and dialogue

Participation fee

Free of charge for members of Östsvenska Handelskammaren, partners to Business Sweden and Mjärdeviföretag.
Others 250 sek + tax.

Registration is binding but can be transfered to someone else.
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