10 tips när du vill ta in riskkapital

10 tips när du vill ta in riskkapital


Riskkapital, ett begrepp och en finansieringmöjlighet som blivit synonymt med startups. För att lyckas locka till sig investerare till din verksamhet behöver du bära med dig ett antal tankar och råd på vägen. Vi har frågat Tommy Johansson på AMRA vilka hans bästa tips är och trattat ner dem till 10 tips för er.

1. Vad är det du säljer
Det största felet många entreprenörer gör är att försöka sälja sin produkt i stället för att sälja investerings-caset, dvs visa hur investeraren med stor sannolikhet kommer att tjäna >10 gånger pengarna på investeringen.

2. Stick ut i startup-bruset
Ett etablerat VC-bolag investerar i ca 1-2% av de bolag de utvärderar, dvs av 100 bolag de tittar på investerar de i 1-2 bolag. Detta innebär att du för att komma med på en första short-list måste våga ha en unik och ambitiös affärsplan med stark tillväxt och stor lönsamhet samt tydliga exit-tankar dvs vem är köpare av bolaget på lång sikt.

3. Hitta rätt investerare
Entreprenören bör vara lika noggrann som VC-bolaget när det gäller att prioritera vilken eller vilka investerare du satsar på. De flesta VC-bolag är ganska smala i sin investeringsinriktning och det gäller att hitta några investerare med rätt mängd kapital, i rätt bransch, som investerar i rätt fas och på rätt marknad.

4. Jäkta inte
Acceptera att finansiering tar 9-12 månader så starta i god tid

5. Sätt tydliga delmål
Presentera en milestone plan för bolaget och se till att uppfyll milestones under finansieringsresan, det bygger förtroende att levererar det du lovar.

6. Visa vilka ni är
Visa upp ett starkt team. Investeraren investerar till 50% i personerna i bolaget.

7. Arbeta hårt med affärsplanen
En mycket proffsig och väl genomarbetad affärsplan där du har tydliga planer och svar på alla frågor. Ta råd av erfarna personer som gjort detta förut.

8. Vara realist
Håll hela tiden vad du lovar och överträffa helst förväntningarna.

9. Bygg förtroende
Bygg en personlig relation med investeraren bara investerar i personer man tror på och vill jobba med

10. Multitaska
Driv processen med 3-4 investerare samtidigt för att få en konkurrenssituation. Då kan du driva fram ett beslut och få bra villkor. Tänk också på att investerare helst investerar tillsammans med andra investerare, för att sprida risk och bredda kompetens.

Written by Tommy Johansson at AMRA

Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November!

Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November!


Well without Slush I wouldn’t have been there, that’s for sure. But I’m so happy we booked our tickets and got to see this amazing event. 17 000 crazy entreprenours with all kind of cool biz ideas, some of the worlds biggest IT hot shots on stage, plus the looking-for-the-next-start-up-success-investors. We all had one passion in common – the belief in expanding to the global market.

For you who couldn’t get there, well imagine a big black and crowded venue with smoke machines, 5 stages, high tempo, aching feet and lot’s of chit chat… Yes, this was indeed the worlds best entreprenourial night club! Many small stands where we got to hear about new products, services, systems and ideas – waiting to reach a bigger market. Some have come further than others, while others need more money and contacts to make it. This was so the right place to be! People from LA to Japan had come in special charted planes just for Slush. You get the idea now huh, Slush is a serious meeting hub.

All in all, we had a great time. Interesting contacts, topics and speakers on stage. Now it’s time to sort our all the business cards to take the next step. I’m sure we also found a few new clients there. Companies looking to reach new markets need to market themselves in new languages right? And since everyone is using film today to spread their word, they also need ”professional sound & voice in any language”. Well what a coincidence that we are the best partner for that, and that we just happend to be in Helsinki… Even in the darkest November, we realized that Helsinki was brighter than ever.

And remember ”If you feel safe, you’re not driving fast enough”

 Written by Kalle Widelius at Online Voices

Going to Web Summit? Here are our advices!

Going to Web Summit? Here are our advices!


We had the chance to profile our company at Web summit 2016 in Lisbon.  First of all, it’s a behemoth of an event with 50 000 visitors and exhibitors.  Lots of buzz happening on all kinds of areas, be it Fintech, Travel, Entertainment, you name it.  Everything was happening there.  We took the opportunity at the same time to team up with Business Sweden and get even more exposure.  This included that we have a stand for one of the days under the umbrella of Swedish Hotspot.  They had a great location next to one of the main passageways so we had the opportunity to discuss a lot with startups.

From our aspect we did not get that much attention, as we are not in the field of creating an app or solution rather being the backbone of it.  Took some convincing to people so they understood that if they wanted a cloud solution, it is still powered by a data center.  All in all some good discussions and reflections resulted out of this.  Next year we are interested in participating again and now we know how to approach it better.  We would gladly share our in depth experience with future participants to Slush so feel free to reach out to me!

Some advice for future participants based on our experience

  • People are really open to talk at Web Summit and easy to approach so get to networking.
  • Take note of the most interesting startups and check for competitors, what is their best practice?
  • There is a lot of side activities ongoing organized by Websummit and other companies in Lisbon so explore the city and meet future collaborative partners or investors!

Written by Frederick Vyncke at Rockan

Print physical objects in a matter of hours

Print physical objects in a matter of hours


Hi, Robert at Wematter, we bring physical objects to the world based on your virtual ideas. We really do think that things matter, in just a couple of hours. Wematter have developed a high precision laser 3D-printer that can print out ready made physical objects, not only prototypes, in a matter of hours. We call it Wematter On Demand, just upload your 3D-model at our homepage and we print it out for you.

For us at Wematter digital content and the physical world have a strong connection. We go from the physical world to a virtual representation, a 3D-model, and then we print it out and it materializes, out to the physical world again.

We are based in Linköping, a small town in Sweden with a well reputed high tech industry but even thou we started in an incubator in the center of the science park we knew that we would have to reach out to a broader customer base and that’s why we started globally. Our first orders were from different companies from all over Sweden but soon our first order came from abroad, we panicked!

But we soon found web based tools to help with all the different aspects of exporting, invoicing etc. that made it possible for us to go global. Our digital business model is the core for us to work. Our goal is to bring industry 4.0 to the office. That means that we want our customers to produce physical end product at their office without the need for a factory abroad. We want to automate and democratize production with our unique 3D-printer, our business model and our digital strategy.

We have to have a well working digital strategy to be able to scale go global and to capitalize on our great 3D-printer. East Sweden Evolution is the right tool to help us to do exactly that. We have built our entire business around cloud computing, IOT-connected 3D-printers and automation of the process. Are you interested to hear more about it, drop me a mail or just visit us at Wematter.io.

Written by Robert Kniola at Wematter

Early adopters no longer use email for internal communication

Early adopters no longer use email for internal communication


20 years ago, the corporate world shifted from fax to email. Today we stand before a new paradigm shift as email is being replaced by messaging.

Many early adopters, such as tech start-ups, have already made the transition and eradicated internal email use in the process. However, the remaining 99.9% of the corporate world has yet to make the transition. They need a messaging solution that works also for large organizations and can be administrated and controlled in a simple and scalable way.

Briteback provides a messaging solution that can be setup to work for any type of organizational structure, so that each employee gets exactly the right information. Nothing more and nothing less. Briteback also integrates email, so that the remaining external emails can be discussed and treated as messaging. We also provide self-hosting, for organizations that don’t want their messaging data to be stored in the cloud.

The global transition from email to messaging will take time, and our challenge is to reach the right customer segments at the right time.

Join us on this fun but challenging journey, supported by the East Sweden Evolution project. In our next update you’ll learn more about our progress so far.

Stay tuned!

PS. For more information on Briteback and how we can help your organization make the transition from email to messaging, check out: https://briteback.com

You can also contact me on johan.aberg@briteback.com. (Yes, email will still remain the de-facto standard for external communication for the foreseeable future.)

Written by Johan Åberg at Briteback

GOLI goes International

GOLI goes International


GOLI provides an efficient and user-friendly tool for production and capacity planning. It is a cloud-based tool available on multiple devices and is very secure and scalable. The tool is appreciated for the visualization and the high grade of automation. GOLI can gather data from many different sources to provide so accurate and reliable tool as possible. For example, the tool automatically gathers and uses data from SECTRA data warehouse at our radiologic clinic customers.

East Sweden Evolution is an extraordinary opportunity

Going international and entering new markets are complicated. You will face different cultures, different ways of managing business and different communication channels. Additionally, and probably most important, the customer needs and the ways of creating customer value will most certainly not look like the Swedish market. We have – of course! – a great product in which we have great belief, but how do we manage to communicate that, and to reach outside of Sweden?

East Sweden Evolution is therefore an extraordinary opportunity for us. Together with other companies in basically the same situation, experienced business coaches and inspiring lecturers we have already achieved a lot of insights and tips about internationalization and digitalization. We believe this will be the beginning of a successful international journey for the company!

Read more about GOLI

Written by: Daniel Gustavsson at GOLI

Putting East Sweden on the Global Cloud

Putting East Sweden on the Global Cloud


Rockan Data Center is one of the most secure locations in the world to store your companies’ data at. This as it is constructed in a former Swedish Military facility in the bedrock and can withstand a direct nuclear hit! Now we want to make good use of these characteristics and now we want to reach out to the world with these strong sales propositions (USP).

What we provide is a mix of traditional colocation, meaning hosting servers owned by a company, company dedicated cloud service and enabling an outsourcing of entire IT departments when it comes to hardware.

Companies these days have a tremendous amount of data generated and the investments needed to scale up for this are vast. In order to allow those companies to focus on their core activities they can rely on us to gradually scale up according to their needs.

Our data center is also very environmental friendly as we use the natural cooling effect of the mountain to avoid additional cooling. This makes that our rates are very favorable and competitive with the rest of the world.

The challenges we are facing is how we get our message out into the world where competition is fierce in the Nordics plus the rest of the world. Here we have found great help so far by joining the EastSwedenEvolution initiative and how to find our specific USP. Next steps will be interesting to see if the direction we are aiming for is the right one or if we have missed any low hanging fruits in the process.

Overall it has been a good learning to see and collaborate with so many talented companies and people in the group. We hope our entire group will benefit as much of all this as we have done so far!

Looking forward to more inspirational discussions!

Written by: Frederick Vyncke at Rockan

A global product on a local market

A global product on a local market


Perkit is a LEAD company based in Norrköping and we have created a product that makes it possible for companies to combine and increase the employee’s productivity and motivation. The product is a platform that collects data from popular fitness apps and devices and then convert the collected data into rewards for the employee.

“Born global” is a trending word, but for us it’s more than just a word, it´s a part of our mindset. From day one we have done everything in English, this is important for us because we have a global team that are located in different parts of the world and by sharing different ideas, cultures and experience on a daily basis we connect as a team. We are not restricting ourselves to a geographic place and that makes it easier for us to attract the best talent for our team no matter where in the world they might be located. With a global workplace, we need digital tools such as Jira, Confluence, Trello, GitHub and Toggle to keep track of progress and tasks. For communication we use Skype, WhatsApp and mail to stay in the loop.

On social medias we have been creating a social present since a year back now, even thou we don’t have a launched product yet. This is a teasing process that can be used to create a buzz when going to a new market, but it can also be instrumental in answering questions, post on forums and influencing opinions from a bottom-up approach. We try to use the social media platforms that our users use, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for instance.

Check us out on perkit.co or follow us on any of our social media accounts to keep track of our steps on becoming a global company in a digital world!

Perk you later

Jimmy & Waqar

Written by: Jimmy Hankvist & Waqar Ali at Perkit

Karin and Johanna are excited to be part of East Sweden Evolution

Karin and Johanna are excited to be part of East Sweden Evolution


First of all we just want to say Hi!

We are a design-and communication agency in Norrköping Sweden, and we are so glad to be a part of this Program. We started our journey when met at the program Graphic Design and Communication at Linköping University, campus Norrköping. Almost immediately after the final examination was done, we decided to start our company. Our passion for design and our creativity are the key ingrediens in our companydish. We are curious, we want to be close to our target group, and we find the digital platforms to be a perfect solution for us. But as always we can do better. We want do grow, learn new things and see new possibilities (there goes the curiosity again!). We hope that East Sweden Evolution will give us the platform to think, reflect and discuss how we can develop our company further. Both on the agency side and with our collection with interior design. And maybe, we will come up with some crazy new ideas during this period of time!

Thank you for following our journey!

/Karin and Johanna
Edit och björnen

Written by: Johanna Nordung Omnell & Karin Denfors at Edit & Björnen.