Print physical objects in a matter of hours

Print physical objects in a matter of hours


Hi, Robert at Wematter, we bring physical objects to the world based on your virtual ideas. We really do think that things matter, in just a couple of hours. Wematter have developed a high precision laser 3D-printer that can print out ready made physical objects, not only prototypes, in a matter of hours. We call it Wematter On Demand, just upload your 3D-model at our homepage and we print it out for you.

For us at Wematter digital content and the physical world have a strong connection. We go from the physical world to a virtual representation, a 3D-model, and then we print it out and it materializes, out to the physical world again.

We are based in Linköping, a small town in Sweden with a well reputed high tech industry but even thou we started in an incubator in the center of the science park we knew that we would have to reach out to a broader customer base and that’s why we started globally. Our first orders were from different companies from all over Sweden but soon our first order came from abroad, we panicked!

But we soon found web based tools to help with all the different aspects of exporting, invoicing etc. that made it possible for us to go global. Our digital business model is the core for us to work. Our goal is to bring industry 4.0 to the office. That means that we want our customers to produce physical end product at their office without the need for a factory abroad. We want to automate and democratize production with our unique 3D-printer, our business model and our digital strategy.

We have to have a well working digital strategy to be able to scale go global and to capitalize on our great 3D-printer. East Sweden Evolution is the right tool to help us to do exactly that. We have built our entire business around cloud computing, IOT-connected 3D-printers and automation of the process. Are you interested to hear more about it, drop me a mail or just visit us at

Written by Robert Kniola at Wematter