Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November!

Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November!


Well without Slush I wouldn’t have been there, that’s for sure. But I’m so happy we booked our tickets and got to see this amazing event. 17 000 crazy entreprenours with all kind of cool biz ideas, some of the worlds biggest IT hot shots on stage, plus the looking-for-the-next-start-up-success-investors. We all had one passion in common – the belief in expanding to the global market.

For you who couldn’t get there, well imagine a big black and crowded venue with smoke machines, 5 stages, high tempo, aching feet and lot’s of chit chat… Yes, this was indeed the worlds best entreprenourial night club! Many small stands where we got to hear about new products, services, systems and ideas – waiting to reach a bigger market. Some have come further than others, while others need more money and contacts to make it. This was so the right place to be! People from LA to Japan had come in special charted planes just for Slush. You get the idea now huh, Slush is a serious meeting hub.

All in all, we had a great time. Interesting contacts, topics and speakers on stage. Now it’s time to sort our all the business cards to take the next step. I’m sure we also found a few new clients there. Companies looking to reach new markets need to market themselves in new languages right? And since everyone is using film today to spread their word, they also need ”professional sound & voice in any language”. Well what a coincidence that we are the best partner for that, and that we just happend to be in Helsinki… Even in the darkest November, we realized that Helsinki was brighter than ever.

And remember ”If you feel safe, you’re not driving fast enough”

 Written by Kalle Widelius at Online Voices