GOLI goes International

GOLI goes International


GOLI provides an efficient and user-friendly tool for production and capacity planning. It is a cloud-based tool available on multiple devices and is very secure and scalable. The tool is appreciated for the visualization and the high grade of automation. GOLI can gather data from many different sources to provide so accurate and reliable tool as possible. For example, the tool automatically gathers and uses data from SECTRA data warehouse at our radiologic clinic customers.

East Sweden Evolution is an extraordinary opportunity

Going international and entering new markets are complicated. You will face different cultures, different ways of managing business and different communication channels. Additionally, and probably most important, the customer needs and the ways of creating customer value will most certainly not look like the Swedish market. We have – of course! – a great product in which we have great belief, but how do we manage to communicate that, and to reach outside of Sweden?

East Sweden Evolution is therefore an extraordinary opportunity for us. Together with other companies in basically the same situation, experienced business coaches and inspiring lecturers we have already achieved a lot of insights and tips about internationalization and digitalization. We believe this will be the beginning of a successful international journey for the company!

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Written by: Daniel Gustavsson at GOLI